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History of the brand

At the end of 1905, the owner of the Teschen Chamber, Bedřich Habsburg, sold his estates to the Land Credit Institution in Vienna (bearing a cross with a crown in its coat of arms). These estates included Třinecké železárny as well as other metallurgical and mining plants in Silesia. Under the auspices of this financial institution, the Austrian Mining and Metallurgical Company was founded, headquartered in Vienna.

Its activities commenced on January 1, 1906. At that time, the symbol (brand) of the Austrian Mining and Metallurgical Company "Three Hammers in a Circle" was also created. This trademark symbolised the company's production focus.

The upper left pointed hammer symbolises the coal and iron ore mines owned by the company (in Silesia and later in Slovakia), the upper right blacksmith's hammer symbolises the foundries, and the lower hammer is a symbol of industry.

After the establishment of Czechoslovakia, the Austrian Mining and Metallurgical Company relocated from Vienna to Brno and changed its name to the Mining and Metallurgical Company.

Třinecké železárny was its most significant company. On February 27, 1929, the Mining and Metallurgical Company registered the trademark "Three Hammers in a Circle" in the trademark register in Czechoslovakia at the Industrial Property Office in Prague and at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva. From this year on, the products of Třinecké železárny marked with this trademark has been distinguished in all markets worldwide.

After the dissolution of the Mining and Metallurgical Company in 1946, the Ironworks became its successor and the sole holder of the trademark until 1996. From that year onwards, Moravia Steel has also began using this trademark as a seller of Třinecké železárny products and as the majority owner.