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Museum Of TŽ and the town of Třinec

Permanent exhibition about the Třinec company and exhibitions for the public

TŽ Secondary vocational school

Vocational apprenticeship training for the metallurgy sector

Steel Federation

Association of Czech and Slovak metallurgical companies and professional institutions

My Werk

Steel education for pupils of regional primary schools


WERK ARENA & Steelmakers' Day

Multifunctional hall in Třinec as a centre of sport and entertainment

Cultural House TRISIA Trinec

Centre of cultural and social life in the region


An annual ceremony where we recognize our best employees

Regional Partnership

Support of cultural, social, sporting and charitable activities


HC Oceláři Třinec

Five-time champion of the Czech ice hockey extra-league

Beskydská golfová

Ropice Golf Course Resort and Golf Club Třinec

TJ TŽ Třinec

Sports union uniting 19 clubs and over 1700 athletes

FK Fotbal Třinec

Rich football history since 1921