Corporate Events

Queen of Steel

The Queen of Steel is an annual corporate ritual. We appreciate our best employees there. This year's Queen of Steel awarded sixty-two employees for their outstanding work and looked back on the most important events of 2019. In coronavirus-affected time, it unconventionally took place in a modest manner at the end of September.

The employees of the year, together with the awardees in nine categories, met in the social hall of the TRISIA cultural centre without the presence of family members or friends this year, to receive recognition and thanks from the company's management. Unfortunately, some of them could not arrive from localities with a worsened epidemic situation; they will receive awards at their workplaces.

The two Chairmen of Moravia Steel and Třinecké železárny (TŽ – MS), Petr Popelář and Jan Czudek thanked the employees for their outstanding work and expressed their wishes that a special period full of various measures would soon be over.

"I am very glad that we met even under difficult conditions. I believe that we will overcome this time and next year’s Queen of Steel will return to her original gown. I am sorry that your relatives cannot be present at today's award ceremony; in front of whom we would like to express our gratitude for your outstanding work," said Ján Moder, the First Vice-Chairman of the TŽ and MS Supervisory Boards.

"All we have to do is to bow to what you do for the company even in these difficult times. We really appreciate your daily work," added Jan Czudek.

Occupational Safety and Health Protection

Only one employee of the Rolling Mill of Heavy Profiles operation was injured at work last year. The rolling mill has consistently had excellent results in this criterion over the last three years, and during modernization it has also been able to successfully cope with its approach to occupational safety. For this, the operation received a steel award of Queen of Steel, symbolizing the first place again.

Among the subsidiaries, the subsidiary Energetika Třinec performed best in the OSH category, as they did not report a single occupational accident last year.Vedoucí válcovny předvalků a hrubých profilů David Nieslanik přebírá ocenění za bezpečnost a ochranu zdraví

The Most Dynamically Developing Subsidiary

In 2019, the best drive regarding development demonstrated subsidiary of VÚHŽ from Dobrá, which has been a leader in the introduction of robotization elements in the centre of Special Section Rolling Mill and has been achieving excellent financial results for a long time.

Ředitel nejdynamičtější dceřiné společnosti VÚHŽ Karel Rojko

Project of the Year

Increasing production capacity from 1360 kilotons to 1400 kilotons with minimal investment costs. This is the result of an increase in the permeability of the volume of steel through the billet CCM to a square of 155 mm from the original 150 mm on all eight strands. That is why the investment project is also the Project of the Year and is gaining the Queen of Steel..

Projekt roku přechod ZPO na kvadrát 155 mm – Tomáš Gajdzica a Petr Walek

Event of the Year

The modernization of the Hot Blast Stove #61 on Blast Furnace #6 with an investment cost of CZK 260 million became the event of 2019. The new stove has significantly improved the parameters comparing to the obsolete equipment and reduced the consumption of thermal energy.

Událost roku modernizace ohřívače větru 61 – Daniel Brzezniak a Michal Bouček

Young Athlete of the Year

This time, the young lady Bára Sajdoková won the first place in the Young Athlete of the Year category. At the age of 18, she won the high jump in the Czech Ladies Championship. Thanks to her, the Třinec athletics team won the title in the adult category after 41 years. Bára placed fifth at the European Under-19 Championships, won the title at the Czech Junior Championships and set a personal record of 186 cm. She took fifth place on the Beskydy Ladies Bar with a jump of 184 cm.

Mladý sportovec roku Bára Sajdoková

Athlete of the Year

Marek Chrascina is proud of the title of the Athlete of the Year 2019, who excels in uphill running. At the World Championships, he won a great bronze medal among the professionals on the short track, and contributed to the success of the Czech National Team in the team competition.

Sportovec roku Marek Chrascina

The Sport Team of the Year

The Queen of Steel award went to the members of the Beskydy Golf Club for their great results last year. The club won three of the six possible championship titles in team competitions. The ladies won the Extraleague for the first-time last year. Girls under the age of 18 also mastered their category at the Czech Championships, and the mixed student team under the age of 14 defended their previous year's championship. In individual competitions, Denisa Vodičková won the title in the category of older pupils, Petr Janík became the International Junior Champion of the Czech Republic. The award was by the players of the Beskydy Golf Club Hana Ryšková, who won the title of International Champion of the Czech Republic and International Champion of Slovakia, and Tereza Schwarzová, a member of the Extraleague team of women and pupils under 14.

Sportovní kolektiv roku golfový klub – Tereza Schwarzová a Hana Ryšková

Success Beyond the Gate

The traditional award category is the success that took place beyond the gates of Třinecké železárny. This time, the men who took care of the successful course of the Junior Ice Hockey World Championship in the WERK ARENA, the marketing manager Tomáš Hudcovský and the arena manager Dušan Adamčík were awarded with the statue of the Queen of Steel.

The Junior Ice Hockey World Championship will be one of the most important events of the season. It took place at the turn of 2019/2020 in Ostrava and Třinec and was attended by a total of 173,490 spectators, which is the second highest attendance in the history of junior championships that took place in Europe. The 43 matches held in the WERK ARENA were attended by 43,461 spectators, ie an average of 3,622 per match.

Úspěch za branou – organizace MS juniorů v ledním hokeji – Dušan Adamčík a Tomáš Hudcovský

The Personality of the Year

From the sixty-two employees awarded in the Employee of the Year 2019 category, Jaroslav Máčal from the operation of the Steel Drawing Plant has been selected the Personality of the Year. There was a long applause from Třinec to Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště. Ján Moder and Jan Czudek will personally hand over the award to him at the Steel Drawing Plant.

The Deputy Head of Operations for Technology and Maintenance received an award for his dedicated and professional approach, contributing to the successful implementation of the large-scale investment project "Development of the Steel Drawing Plant" consisting of installation of peeling, grinding and cutting technology, including related peripherals and logistics; all of these under the full operation of the Plant.

Jaroslav Máčal started in the drawing plant in 2000 as a designer, he also devoted himself to computers and computer programs and continued his education in this area until he gradually moved to the position of programmer, analyst and network administrator. And the year before last, he successfully completed distance learning at the Faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University in Zlín. In the words of his superiors, Jaroslav Máčal greatly contributed to the implementation of the Production Information System and actively participates in its continuous improvement. His approach to work and to fulfilling the tasks is an example for his co-workers.

Osobnost roku 2019 Jaroslav Máčal z tažírny oceli