Management System

The company management system is instrumental in implementing the business strategy with the aim of gradually increasing the proportion of high-grade steel products, creating and developing product chains and intensively using assets while increasing the return on sales. All employees of the company make an effort to increase the added value of long rolled products which form a crucial part of production.

The basic principles of the management include the linear organizational structure, process and project management. None of the principles is applied in isolation; management is based on their well-considered combination. A system of indicators for the performance of management, Balanced Scorecard (BSC), and a system of regular reporting are set up to obtain the necessary feedback to identify and monitor the implementation of strategic objectives.

During 2011, a series of measures were adopted to support the strategic objectives in all strategic areas (Partnership, Technology, Staff, and Management).

The management system including the information systems were adjusted in connection with the merger of the subsidiary FERROMORAVIA, s.r.o. and TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a. s. The information platform consists of SAP and Lotus Notes.

The long-standing targeted endeavour to ensure responsible conduct towards the environment and region's inhabitants bore fruit in the contest for the Czech National Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility. Třinecké železárny acquired this prestigious prize granted by the Czech Quality Council in the autumn of 2011.

Třinecké železárny has a share in approximately 30 companies, having either controlling, significant or minority interest. Most subsidiaries are focused on activities directly or indirectly related to business in the steel sector and this focus matches the long-term business strategy of the company.

The management of capital shares of Třinecké železárny is principally focused on creating strategic objectives, coordinating the business plans, creating investment, financial, and commercial strategies, as well as unifying the main processes. The aim is to increase the value of its subsidiaries. The contribution of selected companies with a capital share of Třinecké železárny to the Group is regularly monitored and evaluated through analyses and reporting.