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The certificated quality system according to ČSN ISO 9001 is in consent with international standards and regulations. It provides guarantees that conditions for conformity of delivery with requirements specified by a customer have been created.

Since 1991 when a decision was made to implement a quality system to Třinecké železárny in accordance with the requirements of the European ISO standards series 9000, a preparatory phase has been running for two years and terminated in October 1993 by receiving the certificate.

The implemented Quality system complying fully with the requirements of the last amended version of EN ISO 9001 covers all pre-production, production, and post-production operations in metallurgical plants. It reacts to all significant changes inside as well as outside the company.

Product certificates for more than 50 metallurgical products of Třinecké železárny provide a guarantee for our customers that technical and utility parameters comply with the demands defined in the specific standards or conditions.

Since 2001, Třinecké železárny has implemented the Environmentla Management System and been certified in accordance with the EN ISO 14 001 Standard.

Since June 2008, the quality management for the automotive industry has been impelmented and certified in accordance with the ISO/TS 16949:2009, which is building on the quality system according to the VDA 6 Standards, we had been impemented since 2000.

Besides the Quality Certificates, Třinecké železárny has been awarded by following:

  1. Třinecké železárny incorporated the CSR into its Quality System; this was awarded the National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2011
  2. The Quality System of Třinecké železárny accompained by the high level of the quality of deliveries was awarded the Supplier Excellence Award for 2010 issued by the SKF Company
  3. Our QS was also awarded the Quality Excellence Award for 2011 issued by the TIMKEN Polska Company