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Labor safety and health protection policy

Safety and health protection is an organic part of all activities in Třinecké železárny and has the highest priority.

Management as well as all employees adopted the principle that work cannot be done at the expense of health, all hazardous work procedures must be eliminated.

The management of Třinecké železárny supports everyone developing safe and hygienic work.

Our objective is to prevent damage to the health of the company employees as well as customers and all other persons entering the premises of Třinecké železárny.

The Unions fully support the ideas and principles of this policy.

The management of Třinecké železárny has committed itself to creating safe working conditions at all corporate activities, abiding to legislation, and directing the employees to work safely.

The management implements the following elements of SOH Policy:

  • continuous improvement of working conditions and decreasing the risk ratio
  • implementing technologies with the highest possible level of employee protection
  • increasing awareness of employees’ responsibility for their health
  • comparing the results of Třinecké železárny with the top companies in this field
  • gradual decreasing of accidents and occupational illnesses


Management puts forth the corporate SOH policy and creates the conditions to prevent accidents, injuries, and hazardous activities. Authorised managers support and implement projects to improve health protection and to improve the working environment. They motivate employees to work safely and educate employees concerning SOH issues.

Each employee accepts its share of responsibility for the safety of himself as well as of his/her colleagues. All employees are expected to participate in the implementation of the SOH policy in all of its aspects, i.e. have a high interest in increasing the knowledge of issues in safety and health protection and a positive approach to the principles of safe behaviour. Each employee must be an active element in the process of continuous improvement of working conditions and decreasing the risk of damage to health.

The shareholders as well as Třinecké železárny management are interested in employees who act and interact in a manner that they do not cause injury or occupational illness.

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Major accident prevention in Třinecké železárny

In accordance with the Law in terms of prevention of major accidents policy (MAP – Major Accident Prevention), as amended, Třinecké železárny was classified on the basis of the type and amount of hazardous chemical substances and mixtures to the appropriate group B. The inclusion in the group B implies an obligation to process the safety message of TŽ, which was commented by the administrative authorities and subsequently approved by the authority of the Moravian-Silesian Region on 10.4.2018.

The management system for preventing a major accidents in Třinecké železárny is based on MAP Policy, which is a part of the Quality Policy, Environment, Energy System and Occupational Health and Safety, which is announced by the management of Třinecké železárny with the MAP objectives, quality, environmental, energy system and occupational health and safety. MAP policy is therefore a commitment of the company's intentions and principles related to its corporate safety profile. The prevention management system of major accidents is documented, evaluated with objectives and tasks, and subsequently revised. This approach, hence, provides the basic framework for a process of continuous improvement of the safety and emergency awareness in all properties of the company.